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Frequently Asked Questions

We operate a professional

Our Ercol Furniture Cushion and Cover Service enables us to professionally re-cover existing Ercol furniture cushions, or make brand new cushions, no matter where you are located in the U.K!


Do you make cushions for all types of Ercol furniture?

Ercol do not now offer replacement cushions for all their models. However whether you have the ubiquitous Windsor chair, Evergreen Sofa, Studio Couch, or one of the much rarer models, we can still help you. Overall Ercol have made over 200 different models in their 95 year history and we can help you regardless of which type you own.


I don't know which Ercol model I have. Is that a problem?

No, so long as you can email or post us some images of your furniture and cushions, we will be able to quote you prices and options.


My original cushion fillings are still fine, do I have to throw these away and order complete new cushions?

Although Ercol themselves will only supply complete cushions, we have always given our customers the choice of supplying complete cushions OR covers only. Please see our 'About Our Cushions' page for more details.

A re-upholstered Ercol chair in a modern chenille fabricA re-upholstered Ercol chair in a modern pink fabric

I live too far away from Bristol to visit your Showroom, can you still help me?

Most definitely! We can discuss options and prices with you by phone or email and send you fabric sample swatches. If you decide to order then we would collect your cushions using our 'UK wide Cushion Collection Service'. There is no additional cost to use this service. Please see our 'How We Work' page for more details.


How many fabrics can I choose from?

We have over 4,000 fabrics available and whilst not every one of those would be suitable to use on every model of Ercol furniture, you will still have an enormous choice!

Hundreds of fabric books……and thousands of fabric swatches on display

How do I see your fabrics?

If you can visit us, all 4,000 are on display in our Showroom. If you can't visit, then once we know the sorts of fabric you would like we will post you fabric sample swatches free of charge and of course without any pressure or obligation. Please see our 'Fabrics' page for more details.


Can I supply my own fabric?

Yes, although we would first need to confirm its suitability for your particular type of Ercol furniture. Please see our 'Fabrics' page for more details.

A newly re-upholstered Ercol furniture suite An Ercol suite re-upholstered in a cream fabric

Are your cushions British Made?

Proudly made-to-measure in BristolMost certainly! In fact we're so proud of the complete cushions, and covers only, that we make, we have designed our Showroom to enable you to see our experienced Sewing Technicians at work!

An ercol 3-seater sofa re-upholstered in a stunning ornage chenille fabric Ercol furniture suite orange chenille upholsteryA detail of the piped Ercol furniture cushion

Do you cut your fabric by hand?

Yes, rather than use a computer controlled automatic cutting machine, we use good old fashioned tailor's shears, enabling minor adjustments to be made to each order if required.

We have in-house fabric cutters……and in-house machinists to work on your order

I'm happy with my original covers, can you replace the fillings for me?

Yes, we have no wish to force you to throw away your existing covers if they are in good condition. We can happily replace your fillings for you. Please see our 'Refilling Your Cushions' page.


Can I machine wash the covers you make?

That depends. We're pleased to say that there are a good number of our upholstery fabrics that are machine washable. The remainder can be sponge cleaned 'in situ', or with a proprietary fabric cleaner, just as you would clean the fabric on non-Ercol furniture.

The Ercol furniture cushions are stripped…… and brand new covers made and fitted.A transformed Ercol chair re-upholstered in a floral fabric

Do you 'save up' customer orders for the same types of furniture, so they can be all made at the same time?

No, your order is individually cut and sewn.


What is your lead time and do I have to pay for my order in full when I place my order?

Our lead time varies at different times of the year but we are always happy to discuss timescales with you in an effort to meet your requirements.

We can schedule an advance date to collect your original cushions, to ensure you are without cushions for as little time as possible. When you place your order we ask you to pay 1/3 as a deposit. We do not then need you to pay the 2/3 balance until we contact you to say your order is complete and ready for delivery.

Some of the transformed Ercol furniture on display in our showroomA tranformed Ercol 3-seater sofa and back cushions

Why do you borrow my original cushions?

Because over the 20+ years that we have been making cushions for Ercol furniture we have seen cushions from apparently identical models but where there have existed subtle variations, perhaps a slightly different curve to the cushion, maybe different length fixing straps etc. etc.

As a result, by borrowing an example of each size of your particular cushions, there is no doubt as to the exact specification of what we need to create for you.

Our Sewing Technicians will 'unpick' your original covers in order to use them as a template. This means that one cushion cover of each size would not be able to be returned to you.

For more details please see our 'How We Work' page.

An Ercol chair rejuvinated in a modern bright chenille fabric

I have seen prices from Ercol for supplying their replacement cushions. Why are your prices significantly less?

Only Ercol themselves can say that they make genuine original Ercol cushions, in the same factory as where they were made originally.

However, what we can offer you is an alternative to purchasing complete new cushions direct from Ercol or through one of their Retail stockists.

We believe our website gives you a glimpse of the sort of family run business we have built and the professional and friendly manner in which we conduct ourselves.

Our workshop and Showroom is positively tiny compared to the size of Ercol's 160,000 sq. ft. factory and as our premises, which we own, are on an industrial estate we are not paying the huge rents and overheads that many Ercol Retail furniture stockists have to allow for.

Also we don't supply Retail furniture stockists with our cushions, so you are always buying direct from us, the maker, with no middlemen!

Ercol dining chairs are no problem!An Ercol chair with newly re-upholstered cushionsAn Ercol armchair transformed with a green fabric and matching scatter cushions

We hope the above Frequently Asked questions have answered many of your queries. If not, please give us a call on , or use our 'Contact Us' page and we will be delighted to help.

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