Ercol Furniture Cushion Re-filling

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Re-Filling your Ercol Furniture Cushions

Over the 30+ years that we have been helping customers all over the UK with cushion requirements for their Ercol furniture, we have many times been asked if we can refill their original covers.

The answer is YES! If you are happy with the condition and appearance of your original Ercol covers, and it's simply that the original fillings have worn and now lack support, then we can solve this for you.

We would simply collect your complete original cushions using our MAINLAND UK Cushion Collection Service.

Along with suppling complete Ercol Cushions we are able to re-fill existing Ercol Cushions for your well loved furniture.

If you are finding the back cushions you have are still supportive then just replacing the seat inners is a service we can offer.

All of our new inners will be of at least the same, and if not higher quality than will have originally been supplied. If you have Feather seat cushions we can replace these with inners that are more supportive and less difficult to maintain.

We are also pleased to offer just the inners for almost all Ercol Traditional and Modern designs.

We can refill modern Ercol Furniture Cushions. A few examples being the Trieste, Avanti, Aosta, Sorrento, Loreta, Forli, Gela and many more!

If you have a more traditional Ercol suite, we can fill those too! We have refilled suites such as the Windsor, Sunningdale, Evergreen, Renaissance and many more.

So if just your dining chair seat pads have become a little uncomfortable or your Jubilee sofa has lost its umph, consider re-filling. No job is too small!