Ercol Cushions – Why are we different?

Our incoming phone lines are open 10.00am to 1.00pm and 1.30pm to 3.00pm, Monday to Thursday only, however, we are all here working full, normal hours, i.e. 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, so if you need to email, or leave a voicemail, we will gladly respond promptly.

Why we are different

The Ercol company in Buckinghamshire supplies complete new replacement Ercol cushions, through its department called ‘ReCover’.

Since creating our specialist Ercol Cushion Division, MANY years ago, some less experienced ‘aftermarket’ sellers have begun to appear as a source for replacement Ercol cushions… so why are we different?

We don’t force you to buy complete new cushions…

Ercol, themselves, and some less experienced ‘aftermarket’ sellers will only sell you complete new cushions for your Ercol Furniture. However, we do things differently because we are very happy to:

• Professionally recover some (or all) of your existing Ercol cushions, without replacing the foam


• Make you complete cushions with new replacement foam, only where you need it, and recover the rest


• Make you complete new cushions to replace all of the original cushions


• Professionally refill your existing cushions with new foam, if you are happy to retain the original covers.

You may not own the Ercol model you think you do…

We have over 26 years' Ercol cushion specialist knowledge, and we constantly need to use that experience to stop customers making an expensive mistake by ordering cushions for the wrong Ercol model!

What we mean by this, is that many potential customers research Google and think they have, for example, a 334 Easy Chair. However, our specialist Ercol knowledge tells us that a 335 Easy Chair looks exactly the same as the 334, but actually needs different sized cushions… so we know exactly what to ask you, in order to positively identify your Ercol model.

Over 1,100 non-clearance ongoing fabrics to choose from …

Ercol themselves and some less experienced ‘aftermarket’ sellers tend to offer a very limited range of fabrics to choose from. We see no reason to restrict your choice, as we don’t pre-make any Ercol cushions

Every order is bespoke, for each customer. So we offer you a searchable Fabric Gallery of over 1,100 fabrics to have your cushions made in, and every one of them is an on-going range and we will gladly post you free samples of those of interest.

We offer cushions for 172 different Ercol models…

We are immensely proud to say we offer the largest range of replacement cushions for Ercol furniture in the UK.

Ercol themselves have gradually over the years reduced the number of models for which they make replacement cushions. At the last count it was down to around 36 models, plus dining chair pads. Online only sellers offer cushions for even less variations, as they understandably prefer to stick to the most popular and simplest to make models.

Ercol dining chair pads… buyer beware!

Logic would make you think that chair pads for the ubiquitous Windsor dining chair would all be the same specification. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Over the years we have found that Ercol made SIX slightly different versions of the Windsor dining chair pad, with anomalies in shape and positioning of the straps and studs.

As a result, even if you just want to order 2 dining chair pads, we will still collect one of your originals by courier, to enable us to exactly replicate it, or send you paper templates for you to choose which one best fits your particular Windsor dining chair.

We go to extreme lengths to give you exactly the cushions you require…

We don’t pre-make any Ercol cushions as we know from over 26 years experience, that’s a risky thing to do, given the subtle variations of original Ercol cushion specifications and sizes that would not be addressed if we just used a template for each model and hoped for the best!

So for every order we always:

• Ask to see images of your particular Ercol furniture

• Ask you the relevant and crucially important required questions to positively identify the model you own

• Borrow your original Ercol cushions using a nationwide courier, in order to exactly replicate them. All at no cost to you.

As an extra precaution…

We have invested in 37 different Ercol furniture frames, enabling our Sewing Technicians, during the sewing process, to fit them on our frames if required.

This is because we have found, over 26 years, that some fabrics vary in how they lend themselves to particular Ercol cushion shapes.

We also have our ‘Ercol Library’ which houses original sets of Ercol cushions for 94 different models, that enable us to recreate new cushions if you have no original cushions for us to collect and replicate.

Our Prices…

Of course, only Ercol can say that they are the original Ercol cushion manufacturers. However, we are proud to say that for the now limited range of models for which they offer new cushions, we are able to supply you our own cushions at a fair reduction in cost.

We hope our website demonstrates that with over 26 years experience and expertise ‘in all things Ercol’ we are able to provide you with exactly what you require to be made.

We have never set out to be the cheapest maker of replacement Ercol cushions. Instead, we have built an established, successful business supplying premium quality Ercol cushions and going to great lengths as described on this page, to ensure an unrivalled attention to detail, resulting in you receiving exactly what you desire.


• Over 26 Years experience in ‘all things Ercol’.

• Choose from New Fillings, New Covers or Complete New Cushions.

• 1,100+ fabrics to choose from.

• We make cushions for 172 different Ercol models.

• Our own ‘Library’ of Ercol cushions and information, gained over nearly 3 decades of experience.

• 37 different Ercol frames on our premises, for us to fit cushions during the sewing process, if required.

• Friendly, expert staff with unrivalled knowledge. None of whom are paid on commission.

• No ‘pushy’ sales…..just good, old fashioned, professional customer service.